Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 16 : The PILE

Today I'm posting without retrograding the date. I've missed over a week of content, and though I've been making art in some small form or another, doodles, mindless sketches, singing songs to myself, I've not been creating anything worthy of posting because of the THE PILE.

Since highschool, I'm not sure I've ever finished a single project or cleaned up my life; gotten my act together at all. My bedroom, basement workroom, half the garage have all become cluttered piles of chaos. Priority dictated day-to-day operations, but behind me the PILE grew into a mountain of old clothes, paperwork to be sorted, trinkets and cosplay items and tools and scraps and gifts and clutter large rooms of mess I created just sitting to stagnate; and it was finally time to dig out. It may be a few more days until I begin posting regularly again; once I finish cleaning out my life. The PILE is being reduced; less of a swirling red mess and definitely more under control after a week of solid cleaning as if my full-time job.

The clarity of a clean space is providing me some much needed inspiration and mental focus; the calm of the storm behind me slowly dissipating as I work on it bit by bit.

I'm excited about eliminating the anxiety of this task; this cleaning project was so daunting I kept putting it off FOR YEARS, and I can't explain how nice it feels to be in control.

Slowly but surely, I'm turning clutter into collections, sorting shit into something, messes into magic. I'm surprised and sickened by the number of sharpie markers and colored pencils I have, but it's great to get them all into one place.

I'm coming for you PILE, and I'm gonna turn you into something beautiful.


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