Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 1 : My Personal Buddha

I've accepted that to complete a perfect daily streak of +365.25 ART is going to take me OVER a year and I'm going to try to reboot if I miss long chunks. I was foolish to try and force myself to stay within a pixel art medium, so I'm expanding my horizons and starting over again.

This past weekend, my bossman friend Bear graciously offered his Galena cabin to our group for a weekend away and the weather and company were beautiful. In the spontaneity, a few friends couldn't make it, so I wanted a reminder that Ping was still with us in spirit. Upon beginning my temporary forearm tattoo, I was interrupted by a butt-punching assault. In the flurry, my hair was pulled into a tiny blue topknot and soon the rest of the men fell as well. When I went back to the drawing I figured, why not also the Ping arm Buddha?
Additionally, as I continue the prospect of this daily project, I'm trying to put myself on a schedule with these. With a few quick outlets at the ready for days when my muse needs a forced medium and a kickstart, and alarms on my phone for timing and posting, I think I can do this. Cleaning has been incredible motivation as well, as my catalog of inspiration and references keeps growing. For too long I had been packing things away, literally boxing up school mementos, old yearbooks, etc.. I aim instead now to treat my possessions like a library, a place for everything and everything in its place. Once my bedroom is finally to my likings, I'll be 1up-ing it with more visual videogame art and creative nonsense, but until then, I'm off to clean more. Cheers friends!

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